Riserva Alberoni in located within the natural reserve of "Foce dell'Isonzo", at the most northern point of the Adriatic sea.

In a breathless panorana, this magic locations offers touristic routes for excursion's lovers, entertainment or relax for any age.


The Friuli Venezia Giulia region offers a great variety of flavours and tastes in terms of goods: we have around 200 products that have been recognised as representative of the different local realities


We have more than sixty kinds of Friulian products, from liqueurs to grappas to infusions; all local stuff with which we try to offer the greatest variety to our patrons

The Alberoni forest, included in the Isonzo estuary reserve area, in of particular importance in ornithological terms.
It is one of the few lowland sites where the nuthatch breeds, with the green and great spotted woodpecker well represented. These species are also favored by the presence of discreetly lush undergrowth, with the presence of white poplars creating a magical atmosphere within the Alberoni forest.

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L’oasi di pace e piaceri culinari: la storia di successo della Riserva Alberoni

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Via Androna delle Scuole, 3
34074 - Monfalcone (GO)

Via Montesanto, 13/A
34070 - Villesse (GO)

Via Risiera San Sabba 64
34070 - San Canzian d'Isonzo (GO)


Compliance with Law No. 124/2017, which requires the publication, by June 30 of each year, on its corporate website, of the complete and detailed list of public aid and contributions received in the course of business activity during the previous year, if the total amount exceeds 10,000 euros, below is the public aid received by Riserva Alberoni.

Agenzia delle EntratePAG URG COVID19-ROMA-IT CONTRIBUTO DL N. 172 DEL 2020 C.F. MLGCST92R60F35612/01/21Eur 2.247,00
Agenzia delle Entrate PAG URG COVID19-ROMA-IT CONTRIBUTO ART. 1 CO. 1 DL N. 73 DEL 202124/06/21Eur 1.000,00
Camera di Commercio I.A.A.BANDO IMPRENDITORIA FEMMINILE LR 11/2011 ART. 2 COMMI 85 E 86 21/09/21Eur 3.000,00
Camera di Commercio I.A.A.BANDO IMPRENDITORIA GIOVANILE LR 5/2012 ART. 20 COMMI 3 E 4 16/11/21Eur 17.280,00